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Is The Founderist Community Right For You?

Before Filling Out This Application, Please Ensure You Meet Our Community Guidelines.

We care very deeply about curating the ideal community for connection and growth.  Our team directly interviews every new member to collect all of the important information, goals, and preferences for meeting and connecting with other entrepreneurs.   Out of respect for your time and ours, please make sure you meet out guidelines before booking your interview. 


Community Guidelines

Our Services Are Not For Lead Generation

Our service is about finding meaningful connection with potential collaborators or referral partners.   That said, we do not allow membership for the sole purpose of conducting sales activities.

Membership is For Founders

Our community is limited to entrepreneurs and founders of businesses.  In order to maintain the integrity of our system, we do not allow multi-level marketing professionals, freelance/gig workers, or franchise owners.

We Don’t Facilitate Investors or Hiring

The Founderist matching services are meant for introductions between potential partners and advisors for entrepreneurs.  We do not do introductions between founders and investors or for hiring purposes.

We Reserve the Right to Refuse

Our team carefully vets each member we let into the community.  We do one-on-one interviews and make sure the background and goals of each applicant align with the rest of our founders and rules of conduct.



After filling out this form with your initial information, you will be prompted to set up your interview session with one of our experts.  This information will expedite the process and ensure we’re able to gather all of your information by the end of the intake interview.